Waxing + Tinting

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Basic Bikini, $25-35

The Basic Bikini wax follows the recipient’s natural curve and shape to form the look of a basic bikini bottom.

Thong Bikini, $35-40

The Thong Bikini wax follows the look of a regular-sized thong underwear.

Itsy Bitsy Bikini, $40-$45

Best for individuals who want to achieve the look of a Brazilian bikini swimsuit.

Itsy Bitsy Bikini Backside, $45-$50

Basic Bikini Backside, $30-$35

Brazilian, $55-$70

Best for individuals who want everything removed, both front & back.

Maintenance Brazilian, $50-62

Must be done within 5 weeks.

The Credential Cleanse $40

Skincare treatment for bikini area, treats ingrown hair / bumps

Add on during wax treatment $30

Upper Lip, $8

Nostrils, $15-25

Full Face, $35

Includes hair removal of the Chin, Neck, Upper Lip, Side of Face, Brows and Forehead are not included. For women only.

Sideburns, $18

Toes and Fingers, $10

Earzilian, $15-22

Ear hair removal.

Hands and Fingers, $18-22

Back, $45-70

Neck to Lower Back.

Chest, $80

Includes post wax home care kit.

Backside, $20-35

Half Arm, $35-$45

Includes both arms from elbow to tips of fingers.

Full Arm, $50-60

Includes both arms below shoulder to tips of fingers.

Underarm, $18-25

Stomach, $28-35

Stomach Landing Strip Only, $12

Half Leg, $40-45

Knee down.

Full Leg, $60-80

Full Body Defuzzing, $250-325

Includes Back, Chest, Full Arm, Full Leg, Underarm & Brazilian.
Items can be substituted.

Leg & Bikini Packages

Half Leg + Basic Bikini, $55-65

Half Leg + Itsy Bitsy $55-$75

Half Leg + Thong Bikini, $55-75

Half Leg + Brazilian, $70-95

Full Leg + Basic Bikini, $65-80

Full Leg + Thong Bikini, $55-90

Full Leg + Brazilian, $80-115


Brow Tint, $35

Lash Tint, $30

Tinting Packages

Brow Tint + Brow Wax or Shape, $50

Lash lift and lash tinting combo $72


– Lifts lashes from the root
– Reduces over-curling of the lashes
–  No need for a lash curler/crimper any longer
– Creates the illusion of longer looking lashes
– Opens the eyes – enhancing the natural lashes
– For straight lashes we use this to help with lash extensions, add on
– Suitable for short or long lashes
– hygienic – no wastage – fast processing


Our “Facial Program” has been such a hit we’ve decided to introduce the:

What is it?

Brazilian Wax Membership

When are services?

Come in every 3-4 weeks


$50 monthly/automated payment


Because showing up for a great service and re-booking is all you should have to do.


Sign up online, by adding your credit card to your profile or on your next visit we can set you up!