Brow Treatment Services

Brow treatment

Brows make or break the face. Here at BBW & more we want your brow to bee one of your best assets, to work for you. We begin each appointment with an depth consultation, create a brow plan, complete the shaping, apply make-up to high light, conceal and make the brow pop.

BumbleBee Waxing & More, is proud to announce their salon as the first Model Brow ® Certified Salon in Florida. Their Model Brow ® Specialists
are trained and certified in the The Model Brow ® Service, an eyebrow shaping technique conceived by New York City’s celebrity eyebrow specialist Elke Von
Freudenberg. Elke specializes in fixing and reshaping brows by customizing and enhancing the shape of her client’s brows without the use of stencils.


Bumblebee is a brow shaping and correction certified studio. We bring a years of brow shaping and troubleshooting experience to you and your brows.

Brow Membership $28/month

  • Brow plan
  • Every 4 week shaping
  • Make up application
  • 15% off one product per month

If new, first visit is $35 then membership kicks in, 3 month membership required, can gift a visit if not able to use, please note will be $7 addition if  gifting to new eyebrow guest



Non-Brow membership or current guest past 6 weeks

      • Tier 1 esthetician: $30
      • Tier 2 advanced esthetician + tier 3 master esthetician $35

This service is for you if have never had your brows waxed/shaped or it has been over 6 weeks since you have had them done by us. There is no resemblance of a shape to your brows, and they need some help.

  • Brow Waxing
  • Make up application
  • Continue or update brow plan

We finish every brow with highlighting and fill in. Products are available for retail to continue the look at home and we will help guide you on the best combo.


Maintenance Brow treatment

Tier 1 esthetician, $28

Tier 2 advanced esthetician + Tier 3 master esthetician, $30/visit

This service is for you if you have  been waxed within 6 weeks from us.

      • Brow Waxing
      • Make up application
      • Continue or update brow plan



Before and Afters

Get fuller, thicker, longer looking brows. Our Vegan Brow Lamination is like a perm for the brows. Hairs are redirected to look fuller, thicker, yet still natural. Brows that are curly or kinky can also be straightened so that trimming is no longer needed and they lay flat.

Lamination | With brow shaping | With brow shaping + tint|

  • Brow Lamination + Wax
    Tier 1: $81
    Tier 2: $90
    Tier 3: $99
  • Brow Lamination + Tint + Wax
    Tier 1: $102
    Tier 2: $113
    Tier 3: $124




Everyone in there was fantastic! My eyebrows weren’t rushed through like they have been at other places. She took the time to measure, tell me all about what she was doing, and was just fun and pleasant during the whole process. I’ve honestly never had a more enjoyable brow experience.

Very professional and did an excellent job on my brow waxing. Will definitely be back and look forward to checking out their other offered services as well.

All of the staff were lovely and my waxer did a wonderful, thorough job with my shaping.

I have been coming here for 6 months, and I really have had an exceptional experience every single time! They truly are the most hospitable people. And my brows look better than they ever have because of their waxing!


Who is Elke Von Fruedenberg

Eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg has firmly established her reputation as one of the top eyebrow specialists in New York City, with over 25 years working in the beauty industry. Her NYC private eyebrow salon serves over 2,500 clients. Elke’s work has been featured in various magazines, including InStyle Magazine , New Beauty Magazine and New York Magazine . She has worked on various awards shows, such as The Academy Awards ® , and on top models and celebrities such as Kate Moss , Angelica Hutson and Jamie Foxx .
Her high fashion brow collection features features a complete array of brow grooming, brushes and growth products.