Custom Skin Care

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 Customized Facial Treatment

A Customized Facial means we, as your licensed professional skin nutritionists decide your treatment based on your skin type, condition and goals. We begin at time of treatment with an in depth consultation where we capture where you live, work, play, your skin care routine and goal setting. Prior to the start of the facial treatment we perform a skin analysis then create your custom treatment. Afterwards, we sit back down and based off your goals and our professionals expertise we will make home care regimen planning and treatment recommendations.

60 minutes. First visit in plan to be with us for approximately 1.5 hours, skin maintenance 1 hr 15 min

Tier 1 Esthetician: $70
Tier 2 Advanced Esthetician:  $80
Tier 3 Master Esthetician: $90



Peel add on during facial treatment:

Glycolic peel +$25
Salicylic/Lactic peel + $25
Advanced layer peel +$40, 10 minutes

Dermaplaning +$40, 15 minutes

*we can perform these peels every facial if skin nutritionist finds it appropriate for your skin needs 
*must have one full custom facial before receiving any peel. Think of it as a first date. We need to get to know you and your skin needs.

Short on time, not sure where to start. We always offer complimentary home care skin regimen planning, virtually and in person, 15 minutes.


Stand Alone Treatments

Advanced Layer Peel: $70, 15 min

Time to turn over a new leaf and rejuvenate your skin.
This treatment is designed to use manual and chemical exfoliants to reach a deeper layer of the skin encouraging cell renewal.


Glamour eyes treatment: $30, 10-15 min

For anyone who needs to brighten, lighten, firm or tighten the skin around the eyes. During the facial we will give the eyes extra attention, and add on our Borboleta Calming Eye Masks that soothe, depuff, and diminish the appearance of dark circles.


Pre and/or Post Laser/Chemical treatment: $50, 15-20 min

Pre: for anyone preparing to do a laser or chemical peel treatment
Post: For skin that has recently undergone laser or strong chemical peel treatment. It will be flaking, crusting and very pink where new skin is starting to show


Post Acne Scar Treatment: $270, 6 treatments, 15 min

Series treatment required, 6 treatments
Reduces appearance of scarring. A facial prior to treatment is recommended, including the analyzing of the skin with the first treatment and goal setting. Tuel Skin Care products recommended use for at least one month at home prior to starting the treatment.


The Delicate Cleanse: $40, 15 min

add on to bikini or Brazilian wax for $30

For the bikini area. Ingrown, bumps, uneven tone. We got you covered.
We will refine, cleanse and nourish the skin


Professional Glycolic and/ or Salicylic Lactic acid Peel Series, (6 sessions): $416, 15 min

*One Custom facial required first before any peel treatment*

This treatment refines the skins surface and visibly promote cell-turnover, while at the same time soothes and protects. We believe in peeling and healing.  Great wedding prep, scar revision, boosting skins cell turn over!

6 Series = $415 advance purchase required + 1 free ($60 saving) + 3 full size home care products

3 home care Products are included with purchase of the package: Power Peel, Hydrate, and Daily Protect.

It is highly recommended to start use of your Power Peel, Hydrate and Daily Protect at least 2 weeks prior to the 1st professional treatment

The recommended series is one treatment per week for 6 weeks, up to 3 times a year.

Home care recommendations and goal setting will be made at time of appointment



Dermaplaning: $70, 15 min. Plan to be with us for your first visit in for 30-45 min. We will perform a consult, goal setting then post treatment make home care and treatment recommendations.

add onto custom facial for $40

Who is ready for a little dermaplaning action?

Dermaplaning is a super effective exfoliating treatment in which a scalpel made specifically for the service is used to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, and also the peach fuzz on your face.

👉🏼Most effective and efficient way to exfoliate, brighten, and as a decongestant for the face
👉🏼Reduce fine lines
👉🏼Smooth skin because dead skin and peach fuzz (vellus hair) are gone!
👉🏼Younger more youthful look!!

Back Facial Treatment

Think of this like a facial but for you back

Tier 1 $90

Tier 2 $100

Tier 3 $110